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Easy extension

Extensibility of low level communication

As the RS-485 method of which its excellence has been traditionally acknowledged is adopted, communication can be achieved up to 1.2 km which is the maximum for a single loop. However, in spite of such an advantage, the impossibility of star connection and limit in the distance are the biggest disadvantages, and the repeater of the Shina System solves these two problems at the same time. The distance is extended by 1.2 km again at the slave terminal of the repeater, and maximum up to 4 lines of star connections which are otherwise impossible are stably built.

Free composition of wire/wireless communication

As there is no limitations in distance and place for high level communication when in-house LAN is used and everything is ready for implementation of a wireless system in an isolated remote area where piping/wiring is difficult, the system can be easily extended at an inexpensive cost.

Easiness of extension

As all the controllers are in the form of a module, it provides excellent flexibility when the system is extended or moved to a new installation site.