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0FCU-2000 (Field Control Unit) is a 32-bit class high performance Direct Digital Control unit (DDC) that can directly control and manage diverse equipment. It can be used alone or as a control unit of a SiBAS-5000/2000 system. It can be extended using diverse input/output modules, if required, in addition to the embedded input/output modules, and can carry out by itself input/output port control, programmable control program, and direct control and management functions.
0It also supports diverse communication methods and protocols using LAN, RS-485, and RS-232 for interface with diverse systems.

Functions and features
  • Direct monitoring and control functions (Point Management) for various equipment.
  • Local setup and operation functions using the embedded LCD and keypad.
  • Number of points: maximum 160 points
    • Embedded: 32 channels (AI: 8 / BI: 8 / BO: 8)
    • Extended module: Up to maximum 8 XIM series can be connected.
  • Communication function: Diverse high level and low level communication functions (LAN, RS-485, RS-232, etc) are provided.
  • Diverse communication protocols (Cu-Net, Modbus, Terminal SMS…) are supported.
  • Equipment control program preparation and control function (comprised of diverse function blocks of about 90 types)
  • Time schedule function (about 100 schedules, daily, weekly, monthly, annual schedule, and skip)
  • Setup and change of input/output types by simple setting (Ω, mA, and V)
  • Security function using passwords and priority control function (7 grades)
  • Download and upload of data setups by a computer, and firmware upgrade