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0The isolated signal converter is an output device that receives diverse input signals used in industrial sites, electrically separates them, converts output signals of the current and voltage conforming to the industrial standard, and then outputs them. Digital method or analog method can be selected as needed, and communication function (digital method) is also supported in accordance with the model.

Functions and features
  • Slim and lovely design that can be mounted on a DIN rail
  • Analog/digital method
  • High precision input/output supported
  • 1 input and 2 output method (voltage/current output selectable)
  • Power to be supplied to the sensor is embedded.
  • SIC series (analog converter)
    • Circuit resistant against noise
    • Model that supports diverse inputs
    • Insulation by transformer
    • Perfect analog type processing
  • SPC series (programmable converter)
    • Digital converter
    • Input/output of diverse forms can be selected (can be set at the site).
    • High precision realized by using 16 bit ADC.
    • Status can be displayed and setup can be changed using the LCD and input by keys.