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Quiescent Power Cutoff Control Unit (CCU-2000)

0CCU-2000 is a control unit that saves power by cutting off quiescent power. It can independently control and monitor 8 power supply lines.
0As it has embedded latch relays (20 A) each of which can control each power line, CT sensor and exclusive power chip, the power and the wattage of each channel can be monitored and, if the quiescent power automatic cutoff value is set for each channel, the power is completely cut off to cut off quiescent power during quiescent power mode. Each line has its own switch which can be used to turn on or off the power line, and the current power supply status is displayed using an LED.
0Also, up to 8 units of the same products can be put together to control and monitor maximum 64 power lines; the current wattage and use state of each load can be checked via the quiescent power switch (SPM series, 1 port ~ 8 ports); and the control unit can be turned on or off using the touch switch.

Functions and features
  • Intelligent 8 channel quiescent power cutoff automatic power saving unit (extensible to maximum 64 circuits)
  • Current wattage, and accumulated wattage monitoring and accumulated wattage reset function (function to back up accumulated wattage during a power failure)
  • Function to set quiescent power and quiescent power automatic cutoff execution time (seconds) of each channel.
  • Diverse control functions (manual control of relays, power saving control of quiescent power, remote communication control, switch control, and group control)
  • Single phase mode (effective power, effective wattage) and 3-phase mode (apparent power, apparent wattage) selection function.
  • Function to display and control the current wattage and operation status using the quiescent power switch (SPM series, 7 types)
  • Three ports of RS-485 communication and an Ethernet port are supported (IP address and ID FND display).
  • Supports for Modbus/TCP, SE-Net, and CU-Net communication, and hyper terminal (TCP/IP) setup function
  • Construction of an integrated system of lighting, power, air-conditioner and equipment using the Master Control Unit (MCU series)
  • Maximum points usable: Maximum 8 CCU-2000 are connected (maximum 64 relays).
    Maximum 32 switch modules (SPM series) are connected.