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Roll Screen Master Control Unit(SCU-3000)

0SCU-3000 (Screen Control Unit) is a roll screen master control unit that is installed in a smart roll system (roll screen control system) and executes relay of communication between the motor control module such as SCM-4A and the system and control of the system.
0It can be set, managed and controlled using SiManager, central monitoring and management software. A multiple number of sub-control units can be connected using the powerful network function; the current status and set screen are displayed on the LCD, and the display form can be changed and diversely set through key button inputs.
0Also, all the motors can be controlled individually or by group using a remote control connecting a wireless AP (WAP-100).

Functions and features
  • Quantity
    • 128 roll screens/SCU-3000 (32 SCM-4A/SCU-3000)
    • 4,096 roll screens/MCU-3000 (32 SCU-3000/MCU)
    • 131,072 roll screens/system (32 MCU-3000/system)
  • Communication specification: Standard protocols such as TCP/IP, Modbus/TCP, and Modbus/RTU
  • Construction of integrated system: Building automation system such as equipment/ power/lighting can be interoperated.
  • Position control function: Function to control position from 0 to 100% and display the status using an AC motor with no feedback /li>
  • Individual control function: Position control and status display of individual motors
  • Group control function: Group control such as floor control, area control, and connection with illuminance by group setup
  • Schedule control function: Individual and group control by time and season in accordance with the schedule
  • Manual/remote control: Prioritization and site control locking function
  • Switch link function: Interoperated control function using the local switch of SCM-4A (individually and by group)
  • Interoperation with an illuminance sensor: Function to control intelligent roll screen using an illuminance sensor
  • RF type remote control (IEEE 802.15.4 Zigbee): Individual and group control by a remote control
  • Various setup functions: Motor control module registration, Up/Down time setup by motor, group setup
  • Touch screen/monitor support: A touch monitor for control/management can be added at a convenient position such as each floor or zone as needed.
  • Report management function: Function to output diverse reports such as use history, and current status
  • Construction of integrated system: Interoperation with a building automation system such as equipment/power/lighting, etc.