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Roll Screen Control Unit Module(SCM-4A)

0SCM-4A (Screen Control Module) is a control module that can control Up/Down of 4 motors respectively based on the commands received from the roll screen control unit (SCU-300).
0It supports 8 mechanical switch inputs and 8 relay outputs for Up/Down control of 4 roll screens. Up, Down and Stop can be remotely controlled using an RF remote control (SR-CON) after selecting the embedded wireless module of SCM-4A (option) or connecting an externally mounted wireless module (WAP-100A). Maximum 32 units can be connected to a roll screen control unit, and it is capable of individual/group control and position control from 0 to 100%.
0It can be used as a stand-alone system, and also to construct diverse systems through interoperation with an MMI (SiManager) and touch screen.

Functions and features
  • Eight outputs of AC 220 V for Up and Down control of 4 motors
  • Eight local switch contacts can be input for Up and Down control of 4 motors
  • When local switch Up and Down are input at the same time, the motor is stopped.
  • An RF remote control (SR-CON) can be used (when an externally mounted wireless module [WAP-100A] is used).
  • Position can be controlled from 0 to 100% (RF remote control, or when a system is built)
  • Individual and group control possible
  • Motors can be controlled by connecting maximum 32 units to SCU-3000.
  • It can construct a medium size or large system in which the MMI (SiManager) and touch screen are interoperated when connected to SCU-3000.
  • SCM-4A along can construct a system without being connected to the SCU-3000.