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0LCU-2000 is a fully independent type lighting control unit of which all data can be independently set and operated, and can be operated being connected with SiBAS HMI or a master control unit (MCU-5000/3000/2000).
0It can be operated by subdividing the lighting block by load using 25 A latch relays, and is comprised of highly reliable circuits. As it has an all-in-one structure which does not require any sub-panel or additional accessory, it is simple to handle, it can be extended up to maximum 32 (based on 4 ports) switch modules (TPSM/PSM), and control can be carried out ceaselessly using its own stand-along function even when the communication with the host is cut.

Functions and features
  • Low priced lighting control module for which high speed RISC CUP is used.
  • Stability is secured through distributed control of stand-alone type
  • Permanent storage of data through backup using a flash memory.
  • Low priced type, low power consumption, and self-diagnosis function
  • Individual, group, and pattern control can be set using the embedded DIP switch (stand-alone configuration)
  • Overload is prevented as relays are controlled at a certain interval when multiple relays are concurrently controlled.
  • As a manual on/off switch is embedded at the top of the relay, it can be directly turned on and off when a problem occurs with the control unit.
  • Program switch points direct registration function (local configuration function)
  • Module type which contains 25 A latch relay (easy attachment and detachment, and convenient panel construction).
  • Maximum 128 relays can be controlled by connecting the 4 embedded relays and extension modules (XRM-4A/4B/4D).
  • No additional circuit is required (embedded relay), and anyone can easily construct the lighting panel.
  • Individual, group, and pattern control can be designated by connecting the program switch.
  • When the system is constructed using a master control unit (MCU-5000/3000/2000), an integrated system can be constructed with a power, air-conditioner, and equipment system.
  • Maximum number of points usable: Maximum 31 XRM-4A/4B can be connected (128 relays).
    Max 32 switch modules (PSM 1 port ~ 4 ports)