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0WCU-3000 is a wireless control unit that conducts integrated control of wireless modules. Up to 64 wireless sub-modules can be connected to it via RF communication (2.4 GHz band); the status values can be monitored and controlled using the LCD window and keypad of each module; and it provides diverse communication environment such as LAN (Ethernet), and 3 ports of RS-485 (CU-Net, XM-Net, and Modbus) in addition to wireless communication.
0It can be connected to a high level system such as MMI (SiManager), MCU-5000/3000 and touch panel, and used to construct a medium-size/large and small system.

Functions and features
  • Up to 64 units of sub-modules can be connected.
  • The status values of the connected sub-modules can be monitored and controlled.
  • Sixteen channels can be set and a wireless area of each module can be set.
  • LAN (Ethernet), RS-232, 2 ports of RS-485, USB and RF communication are supported.
  • A medium-size/large system can be built through interoperation with the MCU-5000/3000.
  • The product can be independently operated using the touch panel.
  • Dual data backup using battery and flash memory
  • Wireless modules that can be used (connected)
    • Wireless lighting switch : STM series, and WSM series
    • Wireless outlet : WCM series
    • Wireless temperature regulator : TCM series
    • Wireless human body detector : OSM series
    • Wireless air-conditioner control unit : ACM series
    • Wireless relay control unit : RXM series
    • Wireless dimming switch : SDM series
    • Wireless repeater : WAP-100A series
    • Wireless roll screen control unit : SCM series