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OSM Series

0OSM (Occupancy Sensor Module) series is a smart human body detector switch built by integrating a human body detector and a lighting switch, and saves energy by directly controlling On/Off in accordance with human presence.
0A microwave motion sensor of Doppler radar type and a PIR (Pyroelectric Infrared) sensor of the infrared ray method are adopted. Through these dualized sensors, it detects movement of the human body and object in real-time at a short distance and long distance. It can directly control lighting load in accordance with detection of human presence as it can be interoperated with the embedded digital type illuminance sensor and a relay (AC 220 V 5 A) is embedded.
0Also, it can flexibly cope with various on-site installation environments as wireless communication methods such as RS-485 and Zigbee (2.4 GHz) are supported, and a stand-alone control circuit or a system connected with the operation environment can be built.

Functions and features
  • Movement of a human body and object can be detected at a short/long distance by adopting a PIR (Pyroelectric Infrared) sensor and a microwave motion sensor.
  • The PIR and the microwave motion sensor can be selectively used as needed.
  • Relay On/Off control in accordance with detection of human body can be set.
  • The PIR and microwave sensor detection sensitivities can be set (14 steps).
  • Function to control motion detection in accordance with illuminance
    • If the sensed illuminance is higher than the set illuminance, the Off state of the relay is maintained.
    • If the sensed illuminance is lower than the set illuminance, the relay is turned On/Off in accordance with detection of the human body.
    • Relay control in accordance with the illuminance value (irrespective of detection of human body).
  • Function to set the delay time (1 minute ~ 15 minutes) for automatic turning off of relay when there is no human body detection signal
  • Checking of the current human body detection status and system control through RS-485, SM-Net, and Zigbee wireless communication.
  • A wide area can be controlled by wirelessly connecting multiple OSMs.