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STM Series

0STM (Smart Touch-switch Module) is a touch type wireless lighting switch for which a sensuous design is adopted. It produces a luxurious image through the black glass surface harmonized with the interior and status display through blue LEDs.
0It directly controls lighting without generating any noise as it has an embedded large capacity TRIAC, and a stand-alone switch or a system can be constructed by simply one-to-one replacing the existing lighting switch. The operation power for the switch is directly pulled out from the power for the lighting lamp, and the construction work is completed only by replacing the mechanical switches without having to conduct any separate power work or communication work as a wireless (RF) communication is supported.

Functions and features
  • Sleek design with black glass like feeling
  • The system can be immediately used after one-to-one replacing the existing tumbler switches without requiring any separate construction work (no power/communication line work is required).
  • Embedded large capacity TRIAC
  • Zigbee wireless communication – 16 wireless channels and 64 addresses per channel can be set.
  • The current status of each lighting switch is displayed (On- red, Off-blue).
  • Each button can be set for individual and group/pattern control.
  • A power saving system can be constructed through interoperation with a human body detection sensor (OSM).
  • Function to batch control the entire lighting using the link function of the switch (when the RF remote control is used)
  • Diverse models are available depending on the number of loads and capacity
  • When a system lighting is construed
    • System lighting can be constructed by installing a WCU-3000 system at a high level and connecting an MCU and MMI (SiManager).
    • Each button can be individually controlled even when the communication with a high level module is cut.
    • When constructing system lighting, the system lighting functions such as schedule control, and integrated management and control can be used.
    • Position of each button can be displayed – The current communication address and wireless channel can be displayed on the front side.