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TCM-100 Series
TCM-100 Series

0TCM-100 is a smart multi-function temperature regulator which is built more user-friendly emphasizing operational convenience by adopting a sleek and clean front appearance and large LCD and buttons. It supports wire/wireless communication, and can be more conveniently used when several units are connected via communication to be used as a system than when used independently.
0TCM-100 is divided into several models depending on the purpose of use (fan coil control, floor heating control or temperature monitoring) and mounting method (wall mounting type or buried box type), and the functions can be differently used only by simply setting the DIP switch.
0Also, the parameters of each model can be easily set using its own LCD and keys, and the set content is stored in an EEPROM for permanent use.

Functions and features
  • Fan coil control unit (model : TCM-100FM/FS) : It supports automatic mode wherein the air volume of the fan coil is automatically regulated in accordance with the temperature measured by the embedded temperature sensor, and manual modes of Strong, Medium, Weak and Off. Also, it controls fan coil valve in accordance with cooling/heating mode and the set temperature. It supports wire communication and wireless communication (IEEE 802.15.4) at the same time.
  • Floor heating control unit (model : TCM-100HW/HB) : An external temperature sensor for floor heating or the embedded indoor temperature sensor can be selectively used, and a large capacity 20 A relay is used to control the directly connected heating load in accordance with the measured temperature.
  • Wireless temperature/humidity monitoring and control unit (model : TCM-100BS/BL) : It is used in a place where temperature and humidity are required to be monitored without doing any piping or wiring work for an existing building. It is driven by a package of the general battery, a standard type BS package (AAAx2) and large capacity BL package (AAAx10). The periodic transmission time can be set in intervals of 10 seconds, and it automatically returns to sleep mode after transmission to maintain power saving mode (when the transmission cycle of a large capacity version is set to a minute, it can be used for about a year).
  • Universal indoor temperature/humidity sensor (model : TCM-100S) : It outputs the measured temperature and humidity values after converting them into industrial standard signals between 4 and 20 mA respectively, and the temperature and humidity are transmitted via Modbus RTU, an industrial standard protocol, at the same time.
  • Common function of models : Temperature display (all models), humidity display (TCM-100S, and TCM-100B); Function to automatically turn on the backlight when the screen is touched and to set the backlight in accordance with the operation condition (TCM-100F, -100H, and -100S);
    Wireless communication : IEEE 802.15.4 (all models); Wire communication : RS-485 (TCM-100F, -100H, and -100S)