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0WAP-200A is a wire/wireless LAN repeater for RF (2.4 GHz) wireless communication products. It carries out data and status monitoring, and control functions for diverse wireless products of Shina System, and is connected to SiManager, the central monitoring software, via TCP/IP.
0It supports Modbus_TCP, a universal protocol; wireless modules can be set and monitored using the WinSock hyper terminal; and the product can be upgraded remotely through the remote firmware upgrade function.
0The current IP address is displayed on the front display, and the system status and communication status can be checked through the LEDs and, as to setup of wireless channel, 16 channels can be selected using the internal DIP switch.

Functions and features
  • IP setup and module registration/setup through TOP/IP (Winsock) of hyper terminal
  • The RF (2.4 GHz) wireless communication module can be connected to the system by relaying it via LAN.
  • Sixteen channels can be set and several wireless areas can be set in the same area.
  • Mobus_TCP and SE-Net protocols are supported, and a (2.4 GHz) wireless communication of IEEE 802.15.4 specification is supported.
  • Function to upgrade WAP-200A firmware, and sub wireless module firmware
  • Display of IP address through the front FND display window
  • Up to 64 wireless modules can be connected for control and status monitoring.
  • Types of wireless modules that can be accessed:
    • Wireless lighting switch: STM series, WSM series
    • Wireless outlet: WCM series
    • Wireless human body detector: OSM series
    • Wireless roll screen control unit: SCM series
    • Wireless lamp unit lighting control unit: LCM series
    • Wireless temperature regulator: TCM series
    • Wireless air-conditioner control unit: ACM series
    • Wireless repeater: WAP-100 series