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0ACM-100 (Air-conditioner Control Module) is a multi-function control unit which is equipped with an embedded human body detector, illuminance sensor, relay, and infrared remote control in order to save energy and provide a pleasant environment, and which provides diverse control functions depending on the environment.
0It can always detect movement of an object in real-time as a microwave motion sensor of a Doppler radar method and PR (Pyro-electric Infrared) sensor of the infrared ray method are adopted, and an integrated system can be constructed using the Zigbee (2.4 GHz) wireless communication. Diverse loads such as air-conditioner, lighting, and heating can be efficiently controlled using the diverse control algorithm embedded in it; diverse functions such as schedule control, remote control and history management can be provided when it is interoperated with the system; and it can be also used for stand-along control when needed. It can also provide convenient use environment when interoperated with diverse products such as a wireless lighting switch, wireless remote control, etc.

Functions and features
  • Detection of movement of human body and object by micro wave sensor and PR sensor
  • Support for Zigbee (IEEE 802.15.4, 2.4 GHz) wireless communication method, and control of system interoperation
  • As a relay for load control is embedded, load such as lighting/heating can be controlled in connection with each other.
  • Direct control of air-conditioner with embedded IR remote control
  • Setup/control/management function using a wireless remote control (SR-CON)
  • Illuminance sensor and current sensor (for monitoring of air-conditioner condition) are embedded.
  • The schedule can be controlled in connection with the system.
  • Power saving control can be conducted when interoperated with the Peak Demand Control Unit.
  • Function to control diverse indoor loads
    • Direct/indirect control of air-conditioner (interoperated with a human body detector)
    • Electric heating control (interoperated with a human body detector; electric fan, FOU fan, water cooler/heater, etc.)
    • Lighting lamp control (interoperated with illuminance sensor/human body detector, etc.)