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0WAP-400M (Wireless Access Point) is a low power wire/wireless repeater optimized for long distance communication between automatic control systems, and takes the function to transmit the data switching wire communication via RS-485 to RF (424 MHz) wireless communication. It can be used without getting any separate license or permit as the band used is allocated for ISM (Industrial/Scientific/Medical) use, and it can be used even when the communication speeds of two transmitting/receiving systems are different as it has and embedded communication buffer.
0It provides a reliable and stable communication speed in long distance wireless communication through adoption of low noise circuits and parts and its own error detection and compensation function. It has an appearance sleek enough to be attached indoors, and the antenna can be selected for each use.

Functions and features
  • Hall Duplex type communication repeater of 424 Mhz band optimized for long distance communication
  • Conversion and repeating function between RS-485 and RF communication
  • Sixteen channels can be selected for multiple-use.
  • Antenna can be selected in accordance with use (1.2, 1/4 whip antenna, helical antenna)
  • Improved reception sensitivity and communication speed through embedded error detection and compensation function
  • Efficient RF communication control achieved by adopting a CPU exclusively for RF communication
  • Applicable to systems of diverse protocols such as CU-Net, XM-Net, and Modbus (speed required to be adjusted)