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0WAP-100A (Wireless Access Point) is a wire/wireless repeater that has the function to relay the communication via RS-485/RS232 to RF (2.4 GHz) wireless communication. Addresses can be set from 1 to 64 and the wireless area can be divided into several areas by setting 16 channels from 0 to 15.
0It supports diverse functions such as the Coordinator, Router and Device in accordance with the type, and supports diverse protocols such as CU-Net, XM-Net and Modbus. It supports wireless communication function in addition to the existing wire communication module, and provides support to facilitate a communication environment between wireless modules.

Functions and features
  • It relays RF (2.4 GHz) wireless communication by selectively connecting RS-485 or RS-232 by wire.
  • Maximum up to 64 units can be connected (address setup).
  • Crosstalk can be prevented and a network can be separated by setting 16 channels.
  • Long distance transmission is possible using the communication relay function between modules (Mesh Network).
  • Diverse protocols such as CU-Net, XM-Net and Modbus are supported.
  • Repeater status check through LED (RUN, LNK, TX, and RX)
  • AC 220 V power, or RS-232 cable power is used (in accordance with the use).