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0MCU-5000 is a high performance master control unit that can be used for construction of an integrated system for large buildings or SI. Being installed in a SiBAS-5000 system, it synthetically controls diverse low level control units (DDC, LCU, etc.) and provides a communication interface function that provides information related to high level MMI software.
0It also carries out direct control and management through the imbedded LCD and keypad.

Functions and features
  • Function to construct an Internet based (TCP/IP) system being connected with SiBAS HIM (SiManager)
  • Function to control the equipment in accordance with the schedule (100 schedules, daily, weekly, monthly and annual schedules)
  • Embedded Function Block function for control of equipment (preparation and management of control program)
  • LonWorks (FTT-10A) communication is supported.
  • Own system integration function through other system interface port is provided.
  • Function to upload and download on-line system setup data and upgrade firmware
  • Dualized data backup function using the flash memory and SRAM
  • Function to automatically synchronize time and setup data with DDCs and password security function
  • Maximum number of points used: 32 CU series (160 x 32 = 5,120 points)
  • Protocols supported
    • Exclusive protocols : SE-Net and Cu-Net
    • Standard protocols : TCP/IP, BACNet/IP, Modbus/TCP, and LonWorks
    • Third party protocols : About 40 protocols