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Roll screen system

  • Roll screens are the systems installed on the windows of various buildings to improve light environment and save energy by adjusting insolation, and provide privacy. Recently, its installation is increasing around high grade buildings.
  • Also, as integration with an IBS (Intelligent Building System) is easy, diverse systems can be organized in accordance with the requirements of customers.

System block diagram

Application example
  • Buildings that need energy saving through adjustment of insolation (office, hotel, etc.)
  • Buildings where adjustment of light environment and privacy are important.

Related products
SmartRoll System
  • Roll screen management function close to infiniteness is provided through methodical system construction (MCU-3000, SCU-3000, SCM-4A, etc.
  • A package system from the motor controller (SCM-4A) at the bottom to the management software at the top is provided.
  • Integration with diverse systems such as building control/management (SiManager)
  • Excellent compatibility achieved by supporting diverse standard communication methods including wire/wireless communication
  • Diverse functions such as interlocking with illuminance, control by time band, wire/wireless switch, remote control, etc. are provided as standard
Control/Management Software: SiManager

SiManager is system software used for roll screen and automatic control of building, and provides the functions required for control and management.

  • Roll screen, equipment, power, and lighting system control and management function
  • Construction of an integrated system and interoperation (firefighting, lighting, and equipment)
  • Diverse standard communication methods of Ethernet or serial type are provided.
  • Monitoring and management of graphical and text method
  • Output of diverse reports and history management
  • Monitoring and control of individual motors
  • Group, zone, schedule, and scenario control functions (by direction, by floor, and by building)
Roll Screen Master Control Unit : SCU-3000

SCU-3000 controls the roll screen control module such as SCM-4 and relays communication between the top level systems and controls integration

  • Function to relay and manage the communication between the top level systems (PS, MCU-3000) and low level SCM-4A.
  • Maximum 32 SCM-4A units can be connected.
  • Touch screen interface
  • Monitoring/setup/control function (individual, group) using the embedded LCD and keys
  • Local time schedule function using the embedded clock (daily, weekly, monthly)
Roll Screen Control Unit : SCR-4A

Module that directly controls the roll screen. Relay output function, and input and communication function that can receive manual input.

  • Remote control function through SCU-3000
  • Local switch input: Two per motor (Up/down/stop), 4 sets
  • Motor control output: 4 motors (Up/down/common)
  • Support for XM-net communication, 9,600 ~ 57,600 bps
  • Maximum 32 units can be connected through address setup
  • WAP-100 interface for wireless communication
Wireless Remote Control : SR-CON

SR-CON is an RF type wireless multi-function remote control that has a roll screen system control and setup function.

  • An RF (IEEE 802.15.4, Zigbee) type remote control and has no directionality
  • Li-ion battery conforming to mobile phone charging specification (TTA 24 pin)
  • 12 input buttons, vibration function for perception by the user
  • Individual, group and location control functions (0~100 %)
  • Channel selection function that can be used to select the object roll screen.
  • Automatic power saving function
Wireless Repeater : WP-100

WAP-100 is a wire/wireless communication repeater unit that can be applied to roll screen, lighting, equipment and power systems.

  • Applied specification: IEEE 802.15.4, 2.4 GHz Zigbee, RS-232 or RS-485
  • Topology : Mesh network
  • A roll screen system can be constructed in a wireless communication method
  • Interface with remote control SCM-4A and SCU-3000 is provided
  • Supports for 16 channels and 64 addresses
  • Wire/wireless relay function