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Roll Screen Wire/Wireless Repeater(WAP-100A)

0WAP-100A (roll screen) is a wire/wireless repeater for the roll screen system, and enables direct control of the roll screen using a remote control being connected to a Roll Screen Control Unit (SCM-4A) via RS-232.
0Mutual interference of wireless signals can be avoided by setting 16 channels, and the call area of wireless communication can be set being divided into several zones as needed.

Functions and features
  • It is connected using wire selecting either RS-485 or RS-232, and relayed via RF 2.4 GHz wireless communication.
  • Maximum 64 units can be connected (address setup).
  • Crosstalk can be prevented and network can be isolated by setting 16 channels.
  • Long distance transmission is possible using the inter-module communication relay function (Mesh Network).
  • Diverse protocols such as Cu-Net, XM-Net, and Modbus are supported.
  • The condition of the repeater can be checked through the LEDs (RUN, LNK, TX, and RX).
  • AC 220 V power or RS-232 cable power is used (in accordance with the use).