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Individual Lamp Control

As recognition on energy saving and lighting in daily environment increases recently, we have come to need a product capable of controlling individual lamps instead of the existing method of turning on/off the lamps in a row or zone. LCM-2A, a lamp unit lighting control module, is a two channel multi-function lighting controller which has adopted the RF communication method, is equipped with an embedded on/off function and dimming adjustment function, and is capable of being interoperated with a human body sensor.

It is easy to install, can be easily added to the existing lighting system, and can be conveniently used for extension or modification of the existing lighting system. By registering a multiple number of lamp apparatuses as a group, not only the individual lamp apparatuses but also groups can be controlled and, by connecting the groups to a program switch or an illuminance sensor, the system can be operated in the same manner as the existing large capacity circuit unit lighting control system. Also, by adding a human body detection sensor (LPS: PIR sensor) which is an option, the system can be turned into an energy saving lighting control system as individual lamps are automatically controlled depending on human presence reducing unnecessary energy waste.