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SSA, Small Capacity
SSA, Small Capacity

0It is a small capacity surge protector (SSA series) for the power system, input/output signal line, and communication line, used to cut off the surge that flows into the system or noise that may cause damage or malfunction to the equipment.
0Products of diverse capacities can be selected in accordance with the use and purpose> The product can be directly mounted on the panel or easily mounted on a DIN rail, and can be used with trust as CE certification has been acquired for the product.

Functions and features
  • Short circuit caused by grounding accidents of KEPCO power distribution system and power reception system
  • Protection of control measurement panel from excessive voltage
  • Protection of large equipment and small capacity UPS power source
  • Protection of the lighting tower equipment installed outdoors
  • Protection of equipment in waterworks and wastewater treatment stations, golf courses, and ski slopes
  • Protection of branch-panel and main-panel in general areas
  • Protection of building an automation system and machine equipment
  • Environment in which occurrence frequency of lightning and surge is high.