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Input/output extension module(RXM-L2D2A)

0RXM-L2D2 is an input/output extension module that can extend binary input/output via communication, and is a product embedded with relay outputs of two circuits and DI contact inputs of 2 circuits.
0It carries out an input/output function for status input and control of equipment at distances by connecting it to RCU-2000 or PCU-2000, an automatic control device of Shina System, through communication, and the firmware can be upgraded in the state the product is installed.

Functions and features
  • Output : Two relay circuits, Maximum 40 A (resistive load)
  • Input: Two circuit input (dry contact)
  • The LED state can be selected in accordance with the relay state by setting the DIP switch.
    • When the relay in on, LED (red) On or Off state is selected.
  • The operation direction of the relay can be changed in accordance with the relay control command.
    • Normal Open or Normal Close is selected.
  • DC 12 V output
  • The contact point (relay) can be turned On and Off manually.
    • However, the relay state is not reflected on the relay status LED and the system.