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Peak Repeater(TCU-3000)

0TCU-3000 (Third-party Communication Unit) is a communication repeater that integrates other systems/devices into the SiBAS system of Shina.
0It supports LAN, and RS-485/232 ports, as well as SE-Net (Ethernet), Modbus/TCP, CU-Net, system air-conditioner, and other communication methods used by other systems, and the device setup and change of TCU-3000 can be conveniently conducted through LAN as communication protocols of many control devices provided by many companies are embedded as standards. All the functions provided by the system used as various information about the interfaced devices are mapped to standard points of the SiBAS-5000 system.
0It can be utilized for diverse purposes through the permanent backup function using the embedded flash memory and the function to remotely upgrade the firmware via communication.

Functions and features
  • It provides communication interface with other non-standard systems.
  • Remote upload/download of setup data
  • Remote system setup via LAN communication, and remote firmware upgrade function
  • Diverse protocols are supported :
    • Ethernet : TCP/IP, UDP/IP, MODBUS/TCP SE-Net LAN
    • RS-485/232: CU-Net, and Modbus/RTU protocols are supported (low level)
      (Modbus Master, system air-conditioner, digital power meter micom, etc.)
  • Real-time clock is embedded, and data is dually backed up using the battery and flash memory.
  • Two digit FND display (version, IP address, protocol display)