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Peak Power Management System Display Board(PMU-44)

0PMU-44 (Peak Monitoring Unit) is a display board of the peak power management system designed to be hung on the wall or attached on the door of the panel like a picture frame to enable the administrator to grasp the current power control state at a glance.
0It is interoperated with PCU-2000 via TCP/IP in real-time, and the target wattage of PCU-2000, predicted wattage, current wattage/immediately previous wattage, and remaining time/operation state can be selected and viewed in the desired mode through the IR-CON (IR remote control). When the load is cut off, the current load operation state (including the air-conditioner) is notified at each step through a buzzer alarm.

Functions and features
  • • It is equipped with a wall mount type 2.3 inch large display FND of the TCP/IPO method.
  • • The target wattage and predicted wattage are displayed at all times.
  • • Current wattage/remaining time, current wattage/operation state, immediately previous wattage/remaining time, or immediately previous wattage/operation state can be selectively displayed by mode
  • • The display mode can be selected and an alarm buzzer can be set to On/Off using the IR-CON (IR remote control).
  • • Wall clock function: Date (month/day), hour/minute, week of the day and indoor temperature are displayed.
  • • PCU-2000 operation stage, and Samsung DMS, LG ACP operation state are displayed.
  • • When the predicted wattage exceeds the target wattage, the predicted wattage flickers.
  • • When buzzer is set to On, whenever the control step rises, the buzzer sounds 3 times and, if the current wattage exceeds the target wattage, the buzzer sounds continuously.
  • • Setup by Winsock terminal (IP address, time, PCU-2000, operation mode, etc.)
  • • If the communication with the PCU-2000 is cut, "----" is displayed in the target wattage box.