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Peak Power Management System Display Board(PMU-44)
P M U - 4 4
Processor ㆍ32Bit Microcontroller MCU
Memory ㆍROM(Flash Memory) : 256KB0000000000000000000ㆍSRAM : 48KB
ㆍSerial Flash : 2MB
Comm Port ㆍLAN : Ethernet(10/100Mbps)
Input Port ㆍFor reset S/W
Sensor & RTC ㆍThermister 5,000Ω(Option), Real Time Clock with BAT
Display ㆍStatus Lamp : Option, Current, immediately previous, deadline, operation LED
ㆍFND(2.3") : Each 4 digits of target wattage, predicted wattage, current/immediately previous, and deadline/operation
0000000000000Date (month/day), day of the week, hour, indoor temperature, and IP address displayed (when the system is initially booted)
Address & Function S/W ㆍAddress(5, 1~31), Setup switch(3 pieces)
Power Requirements ㆍAC 90 ~ 240V 60/50 Hz
Ambient Operating Conditions ㆍ-10℃ ~ 60℃, 10% ~ 80% Rh
Dimensions(W x H x D) ㆍ310 x 420 x 25 (mm)
Housing ㆍWall mounted type